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Send a Professional Report

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Meg here and as we prepare for a new season outdoors, we also prepare for a new season in business. We provide a variety of weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports to our clients and partners that are critical to our growth. In order to make these reports organized and professional, we use a variety of tricks and tools.

To start, we keep a list of all the reports and due dates handy to be constantly updated during stages of work and completion. Nothing is worse than working through a document that’s already been finished by another member of your team. Our running list is on a white board, but you can start a workable spreadsheet online for your team or you can even use a good old paper to-do list. No matter the method, the most important thing is to stay on task and organized when it comes to producing reports.

Each report has quite a bit of data to keep track of, especially the quarterly reports. As the analytics roll in for our reports, I like to keep it all organized in specific folders using my SmeadSuperTab Notes Fastener Folders. With their extra large tabs, I can personalize each folder down to the specific report and nature of the data with plenty of space to spare. Keeping the folders organized with easy to read information makes for a huge stress saver when it’s time to organize it all.

For those times when I need to re-label a folder I always turn to my Avery® Permanent File Folder Labels. They’ve got some great sticking power so I never have to worry about the labels coming off the files getting out of order.

Another great idea is to keep the analytics and data up to date on a running cycle. Whether that means a quick rundown on the information every couple of days or a weekly check in, it will save time in the long run if you keep a continuous eye on it. Some data may not be ready to check during that time but for the reports that are ready, this is a great system. Rather than spending a long few days compiling data and analytics, you can simply pull the information you’ve kept track of for easy and quick access.

Finally, you’ll be ready to present your reports! Make sure that your hard work comes through visually by creating a professional hard copy for your clients using the Fellowes® Galaxy Manual Comb Binding System. All those hours your team has put in organizing data will be ready to show off in a hard copy bound booklet.

No matter how you present it, organizing data and analytics for reports can be a bit time consuming. With the right system you can make it out with less stress and here’s hoping my tips will help you and your team. For a few extra pointers in office organization and productivity, take a look HERE.

Good luck with those reports and until next time,


How to Run a Successful Fundraiser

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Meg here, and as a company, we believe in corporate social responsibility and getting involved in our communities. This can be done in so many great ways like raffles, volunteering, or fundraisers! If you have a charity close to your heart or to the mission of your business, use these tips to make your next fundraiser as a successful as possible:

Choose a Charity- Of course you need to select the charity of your choice before any planning can begin! If you have a committee put together, have each member bring one or two ideas to the group and vote from there. Keep in mind the charities that will be closest to your employee’s hearts and the mission of your company.

Set a Goal- When you’ve chosen the charity that you’ll be fundraising for, set a specific goal for your company. It may also help to set incentives for different levels of fundraising. Not only will it give your employees the joy of giving to charity but it will bring a little extra excitement to fundraise to the highest level. A great incentive is a cookie or cupcake day for the office or even a lunch to celebrate the fundraiser.

Pick an Event- How will you be fundraising? Will you participate in a charity run, a fundraising party, or a raffle? For more great inspiration you can take a look at this list and see if any events sound like the perfect option for your company: https://www.24fundraiser.com/corporate-fundraising-ideas/ .

Spread the Word- You want your fundraiser to be as successful as possible, so each and every member of your company needs to be on board! For our fundraisers, I like to print out posters and banners for the office to keep everyone up to date on the details. Make sure you’re all stocked up on ink with HP 201A Black Original Laser Jet Toner Cartridge before you begin printing. Depending on how long your fundraiser will last, it’s also a good idea to laminate the posters, to keep them looking neat throughout the whole event. I like to use the Fellowes® Venus 2125 Laminator . It works so quickly and every single one of my posters comes out picture perfect.

Get Started- When you begin raising money for your fundraiser be sure to keep track of each and every donation. I keep funds and fundraiser details separate and organized in my HON® 600 Series Two-Drawer Lateral File. I love the size of the cabinet and all the space I have to be extra organized. I like to keep the money raised and the details and contacts for our events totally separate and with this filing cabinet I have plenty of room for every single folder.

With these tips and ideas your company will definitely put the fun into a fundraiser! No matter what type of fundraiser you choose to do, I know you’ll see success.

Happy fundraising and until next time,


Office Styles for the Girly Girl

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Meg here, and I want you to know that not all office design needs to be boring and plain! As the girly girl in our company, I have made it my mission to bring a splash of color and fun into our space. Here are some tips for adding a little stylish flair to your office, while still remaining professional.

Add Some Shine- A glam office is all about a little glitz. An easy way to upgrade is by adding some metallic touches to your desk space. One of the great things about metallic accessories is that you can make a big statement or add some simple, subtle shine. A new, mirrored pencil cup or a metallic paper tray will add some quick glitz to your desk. If you’d like to make a bigger statement, I recommend a statement lamp or some glittery photo frames. They’re certain to be conversation starters!

Step up your Stapler- It shouldn’t come as any surprise that I love my high heels! One of my favorite desk accessories is my Swingline® High Heel Stapler. Of course I chose the red one; I just couldn’t pass up the chance to make my girly stapler even more eye catching. While high heels may not be your shoe (or stapler) of choice, there are so many fantastic options for bright, girly office accessories.

Take Note- I’m always taking notes during meetings but sometimes they get a little messy and need organizing. When that happens, I always reach for my BIC® Brite Liner Highlighter. I just love all the color options in a pack, instead of just plain yellow. Every notepad needs a pop of color and these highlighters certainly do the trick! If my notes won’t need to be highlighted I’ll always make sure to write with a bright pen. Notes in bright green, blue, or pink always look prettier than those written in black ink.

Add an Accent- Every desk needs a bright pop of color! Since your office space may not be a large area, choosing one or two accent colors works best. You can make a statement with a big piece, like a colorful chair, or smaller pops of color like themed sticky notes or desk accessories all in the same shade. No matter what you choose to do, it’s important to make sure your new accessories compliment your style without becoming too distracting.

Whether you follow one or all of these tips, your desk will be a beautiful reflection of your own personal style! There’s no better time to personalize your desk than today and I’m certain your newly decorated space will be the talk of the office. If you’d like some great photo inspiration, I found some wonderful ideas here.

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Brainstorming is out. Brainwriting is in.

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Every company needs to meet the challenge of keeping up with ever-changing consumer interests. While meetings and brainstorming sessions can prove stressful, brainwriting or silent brainstorming may be just what your company needs to stay relevant. In order to create a positive and effective brainwriting session, you need the appropriate materials, so I’ve put together a few of my favorite supplies and techniques to get you started.

Sure, brainstorming can be a great opportunity to find new ideas for a project or company but at times I find it’s a good idea to work on my own before a big meeting. Sometimes it’s best to write and let the ideas flow, rather than waiting for someone to shout a thought out during a brainstorming session. I can find the pressure to blurt out an idea makes me want to speak out a little less, which is really saying something for me!

I’m a real advocate of brainwriting. It gives me the freedom to think creatively about the issue or task at hand without the pressure to get it all out during a meeting. That being said, it is important to set aside some specific time in your schedule to focus on brainwriting. It’s still a vital part of your day to day, even if it doesn’t require a full team meeting. I have a few tried and true ideas for keeping my brainwriting ideas separate from my regular work and notes.

I love keeping a set of giant sticky notes at my desk to jot down ideas. They’re so different from my smaller notes and notepads that they never get lost in the shuffle of desk papers. I can also stick them on a notepad to take to a team meeting to share, without worrying about sorting through a stack of papers to find my notes. These giant sticky notes are worry free and easy to keep track of when it comes time to present a big idea.

When it comes to brainwriting, it’s hard to tell when inspiration will strike! Sometimes when I’m working on a different project, I’ll get a sudden thought and need to jot it down. I keep a whiteboard on my desk, just for those times. It’s so helpful to be able to quickly write down the beginnings of an idea, then return to my current project. I’m able to focus on the task at hand without worrying about my inspired idea passing by.

Brainstorming may be a tried and true office tradition, but I say it doesn’t hurt to change things up a bit! Brainwriting is a great way to challenge your team members to bring some unique creativity to the table, and that’s always a great thing. If you’re looking for more ideas on brainwriting and the positive effects it can have on your team, I recommend this article from fast company.

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